More and more computers are getting affected with viruses than ever before. The reason for this is because viruses and hackers are using new tactics to pray on their victims.


Ransomware is a hijacker virus which hijacks the computers desktop and browser demanding a ransom to unlock it. It also disables things like Control Panel, Internet Explorer, Run and Windows Explorer blocking all ways of deleting the hack. These can be picked up from surfing the web and going on certain website. Porn, Gambling and File Sharing sites are more prone to getting this infection than other sites. Having a good antivirus software like Eset along with a good antimalware software like Malwarebytes is the best form protection against Ransomware.


Fake Programs

Fake programs are programs that download themselves to your computer without you knowing. Optimizer Pro is one of fake programs that looks legit but all it does is do fake scans, riddles your machine with adverts and hijacks your browser. To get rid of these fake programs you can use tools like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware which cleans and removes them from your computer.


Fake Calls

In the last couple of years there has been an increase of fake calls to people homes. The scammers phone their victims pretending to be engineers from Microsoft. Once they convince their victims they get them to give them access to their computers. This is where they infect their victims with viruses and clone their personal details. Some of my customers have been fleeced for hundreds of pounds from these fraudsters. Tip Microsoft will never call you, if require support from Microsoft you have to call them directly. Apart from Microsoft scams there are other companies pretending to be I.T Professionals, if they request their service aka like site visits etc, ask for their company details, website and address. You can check companies house and reviews from other customers but whatever you do, do not let them connect to your machine remotely without checking their status first.


Summing Up

The best way to protect yourselves against hackers is to be more vigilant when using the internet. Make sure that all your personal details are password protected and are changed regularly. Having a strong antivirus like Eset is important as well as keeping your machine up to date with the latest Microsoft updates.

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