Kent IT Academy

Getting The Most Out Of Your Technology !

The way we use technology has change more than ever over the last couple of years, today we can gain access to the world wide web on smart phones, tablets and iPad’s which was only possible by computers 20 years ago.

This is why Youssouf from Success Tuition & Training Centre and I (BL IT Solutions Ltd) decided to setup the Kent IT Academy to help people get the most out of technology. The academy are 2 hours once a month at Success Tuition & Training Centre 73 College Rd Maidstone Kent, we customize each session to what people want to learn each month which are discussed at the end of each session.

The centre contains a full functioning technology suite where you get to test drive the latest tech including interactive training with qualified IT Professionals. This month we learnt about Word & Excel 2016 where the users had practical lessons on our computers in the suite !

Training suite

The sessions are broken into two sections one practical in the IT Suite and one theory in our classroom. Our classroom in the centre can accommodate up to 20 people per academy and has refreshment facilities. In our last classroom session we discuss about cyber security and how to stay safe online, this was presented on slides including notes written on the white board for users to note down.

Classroom Tuition

At the end of each session we talk about what people would like to learn about next month and take down each users email address so that we can send the slides we taught on that session. A Feedback form is also sent so that we can review the academy and change it if required.

To find out more about the academy and how it can help you or your business please visit our facebook page:

To find out more about the centre and the facilities it provides please visit Success Tuition & Training Centre page:

Telephone: 01622 410042

Youssouf and I look forward to see you at our next academy on 23rd March 2018 at 6pm !


Youssouf Adama

Owner: Success Tuition & Training Centre



Ben Leach
Owner: BL IT Solutions Ltd