Do You Need To Upgrade To Windows 10 !

Windows 10 was launched on 19th July 2015, Microsoft have made Windows 10 a free upgrade for all users who have a licence for Windows 7 or 8.1. 

This upgrade will expire on 19th July 2016, after this date you will have to pay full price to upgrade to 10.


Pro and Cons Of Windows 10



  • Is free to upgrade to anyone who has purchased a licence for Windows 7 or 8.1
  • The Start menu has been reinstated instead of Metro Screen of Windows 8.1
  • Can be switched between tablet and desktop mode depending on device
  • Contana useful online help facility included with Windows 10
  • Fast at booting up and shutting down than previous versions of Windows




Compatibility issues with Office 2010 and older software
  • Some updates crash Windows after restart

Upgrade issues from older operating systems (Windows Vista / 7)

Hardware compatibility issues with sound, video and printers
  • Constance freezing when searching the web

Not recognising product key from previous Windows


What Can Be Done

Subscribe to Office 365 where you can download the latest office 16

Restore PC to a previous date and retry the update

Do a clean pull installation of Windows through USB 

Download the latest drivers from the PC manufacture 

Upgrade to the latest browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge not Explorer

Note down product key before upgrading


How Long left

Windows Vista

Support for Windows Vista comes to an end on 17th April 2017, you cannot directly upgrade to Windows 10 from Vista. You need to purchase a full version of Windows 10 and do a clean installation.

Windows 7

Support for Windows 7 comes to an end on 14th January 2020, you can upgrade to Windows 10 from updates within Windows 7 until July 2016.
Windows 8 / 8.1

Support for Windows 8.1 comes to an end on 1st October 2023, you can upgrade to Windows 10 from updates within Windows 8.1 until July 2016.


Should I Upgrade To Window 10

I get this question every day, at present Windows 10 has a few issues with stability which Microsoft is currently working on.

I advise staying with your current operating system until these issues are resolved before upgrading to 10.

Windows 7 users, the best solution when upgrading to 10 is backing up your data and settings, doing a clean installation of 10 instead of an upgrade. This will prevent any compatibility issues that may occur after upgrading.

Vista users should consider upgrading to Windows 7 which most Vista machines can take. This will improve performance and offer greater security protection.