In this blog I am going to explain why it is important to be aware of fake software, in recent news even genuine software has been hit by fake software !

What Is Fake Software !

Fake software is a software pretending to be a genuine software like antivirus or productivity software. They normally contain keywords which if not know can look like the genuine software which it is pretending to be. Once downloaded the software can open rootkits which attach themselves to the users computer infecting it with Malware which in turn can change the behaviour of the computer. A common Malware which downloads itself from the internet is Mindspark. Mindspark changes the homepage of your browser to a fake page containing adverts and fake alerts !

Mindspark infection

Mindspark home page, a common form of home page hijacker !

What To Look Out For !

The first thing you most do before connecting to any internet both public or private is to make sure your antivirus is enabled. Fake software can be found in attachments on emails, before opening the attachment check the address of the sender for spelling mistakes. This goes for the attachment as well. If the attachment is open, this can open a rootkit which could affect the computer with the following fake programs:

Mindspark: A browser Hijacking Virus
Driver Update: Fake Driver Updater, takes you to a pages full of adverts
PC Backup: Fake Backup Software, infects machine with adverts
Advanced System Care: Fake Antivirus Software, does fake scans and tries to charge you for it


Slimware Ultilities, Driver Update, a common downloaded fake software !

The same applies to when surfing the web for example you type: free antivirus software to protect your computer. This will bring a list of software in Google for you to click on and download. Make sure you check the spelling of the link to the website and that the word AD does not appear next to the link.


Example Of A Fake Web Addresses !

What Happens If I Get Infected !

You accidently download the fake software and it installs itself to your machine. The first thing to do is to disconnect your PC from the internet. Go to Control Panel uninstall a program, sort by installed on as this will display the latest software downloaded to your computer.

Control Panel Uninstall

Control Panel, Program & Features, Sort By Installed On, For Latest Installed Programs !

Uninstall all traces of the rouge software until it all gone. Once uninstalled you need to remove hidden traces of the software, below are some great free tools to achieve this:


Super Antispyware:

Do a full scan on both software’s until all traces of fake software and rootkits are removed.


Malwarebytes Showing Items It Found On Scan !


To protect yourselves from fake software you must have antivirus software installed, do not open any attachment, check to make sure the senders address is correct. When surfing the web, check the address of the website before downloading the software from it. C Cleaner which is an genuine software has been affected by scammer of late so make sure you check before you download. You can also setup your router with keywords to block certain sites as well as enabling it firewall.